an event-based programming model

Let's try to deploy OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker and Kubernetes.

You’re not limited to 300 seconds as with Lambda. Lastly, you can run it wherever you want! If you can run Kubernetes or Docker you can run OpenFaaS. You can run it on-prem, in a hybrid cloud, public cloud or even multi-cloud

The project is also currently licensed under MIT, one of the most permissive licenses so it’s a low-barrier of entry for start-ups and enterprises alike.

At VMware, I recently had a call with the Cloud Management team who are starting a prototype to use Terraform as an OpenFaaS function to automate infrastructure for up to 1,500 internal AWS accounts. OpenFaaS can do that because any binary, including Terraform, can be your function.


Before starting you should setup OpenFaaS on your laptop or cluster using a deployment guide:

Get the CLI

For the latest version of the CLI type in the following:

$ curl -sL | sudo sh
# On macOS 
$ brew install faas-cli