In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an automated software release pipeline

This  sample tutorial  of  CI  ( Continuous Integration) using AWS CodePipeline to build form  GitHub project and to put artifact result  in  AWS S3  ( without deployment just CI) .

Let's start :

In your AWS console choose : CodePipeline and Create new pipeline

Choose CodePipeline Service from the AWS console 

Step 1 : Pipeline setting

Step 2 : Add Source Stage  

Next  Add source stage GitHub and Connect to GitHub

Choose your repository  and the branch

Step 3 : Add Build Stage  

Select Build provider = AWS CodeBuild ( in other post I will using Jenkins )

Choose a build project that you have already created in the AWS CodeBuild console. Or create a build project in the AWS CodeBuild console and then return to this task.

To Create Build Projet follow these steps

Step 4 :Add Deploy Stage :

As we will interest just in CI ( without deployment CD)  we skip deployment stage

AWS Pipeline : Skipping deployment stage

Step 5 : Review  

To retrieve the binary in S3 Click View artificats

For more information about continuous deployment using AWS CodePipeline look at the link :